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Though Much is Taken, Much Abides


Game Description

Amber is made weak by time and fate, but is still strong in will. Twenty years ago a new King, Random, returned victorious from the Patternfall War fought in the Courts of Chaos. The Epoch of Oberon had ended, and Eric's attempt to ignite a new age of glory had already died in ashes when it had scarcely begun. King Random found he had inherited a kingdom cut off from its trading partners, depleted by war, and only kept afloat in the intervening years by the heroic efforts of Prince Regent Gerard. Random marshaled his family, declaring that some work of noble note may yet be done, not unbecoming men that strove with Gods. Slowly, Amber began to regain itself and chart its destiny anew.

Now you are younger members of the royal family in service to the throne, working not only to preserve and defend Amber, but to create the Amber of the future. Diplomats, soldiers, traders, courtiers, and provocateurs, you must be proud, bold, pleasant, resolute, and now and then stab, as occasion serves.

Character Generation

Character generation (and game mechanics in general) for this game is based on Lords of Gossamer and Shadow, which can be thought of as a version 2.0 of Amber Diceless Role-playing Game. There are a few differences, especially the introduction of Packages [1]

Character Points

Characters will be built using 130 character points, with attributes starting at Amber rank. Initially characters may purchase any of the powers described in the Powers section (below), and may purchase Item qualities and powers up to the four-point level.

In addition, each character will receive an extra pool of 20 points, which can only be spent on packages. Characters may spend additional points out of their remaining 130 points on packages as desired. The package auction will occur before other character point expenditures are finalized.


Ambercon 2017 Update: New packages will be available to players. The new packages have yet to be finalized, but are tentatively called:

The Dilettante, The Special Envoy, The Enthusiastic Younger Amberite, The Rake, The Modern Reformer, The Shadow Lord, The Merchant Prince, and (perhaps) The Ernest Young Trump Artist.

Packages are a collection of assets and abilities that are proportional indicators of a character’s prestige. Each package may only be possessed by a single character, and each character may only possess one package. As such packages will be auctioned off to players in the following order, with the highest bidder winning the package. The winning bidder spends the number of character points he or she bid and acquires the package. Points are not spent by losing bidders. The winning bid may or may not exceed the strict point value of the assets and abilities contained in each package. Ties will not be permitted.

Note: The auction itself will be conducted at the start of the game session, or if all players agree, an auction may be held online in advance of the convention, which would allow for character generation to be completed prior to the start of the convention.

See: List of Character Packages


There are four attributes, three of which are the traditional stats of Psyche, Endurance, and Warfare.

I am replacing Strength with a new attribute, Physicality. Physicality includes the traditional abilities associated with Strength but is also a factor (along with Warfare) in armed melee combat, running, and feats of athleticism and physical dexterity.

Available Powers

See: Available Powers

Cast of Characters


Wealth and Power in Amber

Aristocracy and Social Class

Technology in Amber

Magic in Amber

Amber's Military

Foreign Affairs and the Golden Circle

Law, Order, and Government in Amber

Amber's Military



Wars of Amber

  1. a concept I have borrowed from the Pit of Vipers character generation system developed for Amber gaming by Guy Gascoigne-Piggford, Kristen Gibbs (Schleick), David Golden, and Jack Schleick and © 2003.